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In a fast world of trading we offer you a solution. Cryptohive stands for a group of intelligent bots who observe markets using smart algorithms. Trade with an edge.


Hive mind - a notional entity consisting of a large number of people who share their knowledge or opinions with one another, regarded as producing either uncritical conformity or collective intelligence.

Cryptohive is a combination of smart algorithms for finding and gathering useful information from all over the world.

Technical analysis

In finance, technical analysis is an analysis methodology for forecasting the direction of prices through the study of past market data, primarily price and volume.

Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis is the interpretation of statistical reports and economic indicators.


Genetic Algorithms

In computer science, a genetic algorithm (GA) is a procedure designed to find, generate, or select a heuristic that may provide a sufficiently good solution to an optimization problem inspired by the process of natural selection.

Genetic algorithms are used to generate high-quality solutions to optimization problems by relying on bio-inspired operators such as mutation, crossover and selection.


TA + FA + GA

Cryptohive algorithms are constantly improving themselves by learning from its mistakes. Trading methods which do not produce good results are discarded and replaced by better methods using different trading indicators. It is a similar process like in evolution, where bad genes are dropped through the process of natural selection.

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Trading profits

CryptoHive bot outperformed all other strategies on different crypto markets.

globe Easy to use

Simple user interface.

mail Fast

Fast and powerful.

locked Exchange support

Multiple exhanges and markets supported.

locked Strategy platform

Made for traders by traders.

locked Runs anywhere

Also available on mobile.

locked Secure and Private

Security is our top priority.

How it works

3 simple steps


Algorithm analyses data from markets and makes a prediction.


Telegram bot sends trading advice notification.


User can either buy or sell based on given advice.

Telegram bot notifications

Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security, it’s super-fast, simple and free. You can use Telegram on all your devices at the same time — your messages sync seamlessly across any number of your phones, tablets or computers.

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Free in open beta testing!

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Subscription will be paid with HIVE token.

0 tokens/month
1 exchange
2 markets
2 basic strategies
0 premium strategies
10 tokens/month
1 exchange
5 markets
4 basic strategies
1 premium strategy
30 tokens/month
4 exchanges
20 markets
8 basic strategies
10 premium strategies


Alpha version

CryptoHive algorithm developed to analyse markets and optimise different trading methods. Trading advisor learning from running backtests.

Closed beta version of trading advisor

Trading bot advisor running on live markets using cryptohive trading algorithm. Telegram notifications integrated. Limited number of markets.

Completed March

Website launch website launched.

Completed 9.9.2017

Open beta test

Website services opened to public for testing.

Completed 9.9.2017

Cryptohive ICO

Cryptohive token sale.

Upcoming 10.10.2017

ICO ends. HIVE token distribution.

Beta test over. Subscriptions payed with HIVE token on website are enabled.

New Feature 11.11.2017

New website features

More exchanges and markets supported.

In development December

New trading strategies

New markets, new bots, new strategies. New customization options for users.

In development December

Complete trading portal

Made for traders by traders.

In development Q1 2018

Cryptohive app

Cryptohive app for your PC and mobile, enabling automatic trading.

In development Q2 2018

Further HIVE alghorithm development

Applying CryptoHive algorithms outside of trading for more general use.

Future 2019


Artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning and neural networks for finding solutions to many real world problems.

Future 2019