Token Information

Cryptohive token (HIVE) is a cross platform token using two of the biggest blockchains in the world. Tokens will be issued on Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.

CryptoHive tokens will be used as the only currency on Cryptohive website. Paying subscriptions, purchasing custom trading strategies and renting smart CryptoHive algorithms will only be possible with CryptoHive tokens.

Total supply of HIVE tokens is 21.000.000 coins, equally split between Bitcoin (XCP token) and Ethereum (ERC20 token) blockchains. 20M tokens will be on sale for investors, 1M will be kept by CryptoHive. All of unsold tokens on pre-sale will be burned!

CryptoHive Token Sale

Token sale starts on 10/10/2017 00:00 UTC and ends when all tokens are sold or on 11/11/2017 23:59 whichever is earlier.

Price of 1 HIVE token is fixed at 0.00025000 BTC or 0.00400000 ETH.
There is a big pre-sale bonus for early investors. Pre-sale prices are listed below:

Date Bonus Price per 1 HIVE Price per 1 HIVE
Until 2017/10/18 0:00 UTC 50% 0.00012500 BTC 0.00200000 ETH
Until 2017/11/01 0:00 UTC 40% 0.00015000 BTC 0.00240000 ETH
Until 2017/11/11 0:00 UTC 25% 0.00018750 BTC 0.00300000 ETH

Minimum purchase amount is 10 HIVE tokens. Sending amounts smaller than 0.00125000 BTC or 0.01875000 ETH will be considered as donations.

You will need an address on the Ethereum (ETH) network using an Ethereum wallet (MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Mist, Parity) that supports ERC20 tokens to receive HIVE token.

To receive HIVE token on Bitcoin (BTC) network, you need Counterparty (XCP) compatible wallet.

If you have the private key of the address, you will be able to access HIVE tokens. Do not send BTC or ETH directly from an exchange!

HIVE tokens will be distributed to your wallet shortly after the token sale period ends. Please check your local laws and regulations prior to participating in token sale.

Get your HIVE Tokens

To receive your HIVE tokens send bitcoin to the address bellow:


Or send ether to the address bellow:


Token Calculator

Token Benefits

The funds raised will be distributed according to the table below:


21 000 000 coins is the upper limit, no new tokens will ever be issued, which can be publicly seen on both smart contracts. In addition, we will burn 25% of all tokens we get from subscription fees each month, which will mean the supply of HIVE tokens will constantly decrease to reward our token holders.
You will be able to profit from using our services and from selling HIVE tokens to new members.